Canning Season

Before we moved I had worked to empty most of our canning jars. Empty jars are a lot easier to move than full ones! But now that we are in our new house, it is time to start filling them again. A couple of weekends ago it was time to can peaches.

We purchased a bushel of peaches and got to work, slipping skins, removing pits and prepping our jars. Since it was hot, we decided to do the processing out on the back porch.

And of course, fresh peaches meant I had to make a peach pie for dessert!

The builtins in our dining are the perfect place to store my canning jars. When I first unpacked the boxes, they were mostly empty, but now they are starting to fill up. In addition to peaches, we have canned a bushel and a half of pears, a bushel of apples (for applesauce), and a bushel of tomatoes (pizza sauce, chili base, and salsa).

Next up are more apples to make apple pie filling!

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