Homemade Grape Juice

One of the first things that Jason wanted to do when we closed on our new house was walk the property line. So, in the first week after closing, Jason, Hannah, and I took a walk along the fence row. One of the things that we noticed, and were quite excited about were some concord and wild grapes growing up some of the trees. We made a mental note to come back in the fall when the grapes would be ripe.

Over Labor Day weekend we took a walk along the fence row and found that there were enough ripe concord grapes to pick. So with pail and snips in hand, we headed out to pick some grapes. In no time at all, we had about half of a five-gallon bucket of grapes. We brought them back up to the house to wash. They smelled so good!

After washing and removing the stems, Jason prepared our 2-quart jars to make grape juice. It was a late night canning on the back porch, but in the end we had 14 2-quart jars of grape juice to put on my shelves.

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