Moving Peonies

For Mother’s Day several years ago, Jason and the kids gave me some peony plants to put in my kitchen garden at the old house. They were just starting to get well established and were putting out a good show every spring, so I was sad to leave them behind.

However, when we came to look at the farm back in June, I was excited to see that there were various old peony plants around the farm. The largest area was a very overgrown row of peonies next to an old concrete slab (picture above). The peonies were rather crowded and looked like they would benefit from a little more space. The slab used to house a single wide trailer, and would be the perfect place to house our camper when it is not in use. The plants around it however, would need to be moved.

Melissa splitting peony plants. The bean plants in the foreground are doing well.

Now that the plants are starting to go dormant, it was time to split them and move them to the perennial plot that we worked up last month. Jason formed three raised beds on the north side of the plot. Then we got to work digging out the peonies and laying them out in the new plot about three feet apart.

The process ended up taking about two days since it was hot, and much nicer to work in the cooler mornings and evenings. In the end we got two full rows of peonies. They don’t look fabulous right now, but hopefully by next spring we’ll be able to enjoy some beautiful peony blooms.

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