To store basil:

Basil is very sensitive to cold. Do not refrigerate fresh basil; it will turn black. Instead, strip the lower leaves off the stems and place stems in a glass of water on the kitchen counter like a flower.

Basil in wooden bowl.

To prep basil:

Mince well. Add to butter, cream cheese, or your favorite pasta sauce. Make a batch of pesto with pine nuts, Parmesan, olive oil, salt, and garlic.

To dehydrate basil:

Remove leaves from stem and place on a piece of paper towel on a glass plate. Cover with another piece of paper towel. Microwave plate on high for 1 minute. Leaves will be dry. Crinkle them with your finger and place them in a dry container, such as a Mason jar with a lid.

To freeze basil:

Basil does not freeze well. Instead, make a batch of pesto and freeze it flat in Ziploc bags.

Basil prepped into pesto.
Heads of garlic

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