Garlic Scapes

The scape is the flowering part of the garlic plant that emerges in June.
We cut the scape before it blooms to redirect energy back to growing the bulb.
It has a milder garlic taste and can be substituted for garlic.

To store garlic scapes:

Store garlic scapes unwashed in a loosely wrapped plastic bag in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks.

To prep garlic scapes:

Chop off the very tip and woody parts of the stem. Then mince finely and use in place of garlic.

Garlic scapes

To use garlic scapes:

Garlic scapes can be chopped or diced raw into green or pasta salads, sautéed in place of bulb garlic, sprinkled onto pizza, eaten raw, or used anywhere garlic flavor is desired. They’re also great grilled.

To freeze garlic scapes:

Scapes can be chopped and flash frozen in Ziploc bags.

Garlic scapes on cutting board
Heads of garlic

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