Green Garlic

Green garlic is immature garlic that looks like an overgrown scallion or green onion. It has a milder, fresher, and sweeter taste than regular hardnecked garlic. The whole plant can be eaten, and it has a spicier, more intense bite than scallions.

To store green garlic:

Keep green garlic in your refrigerator’s crisper drawer in loose plastic or mesh bags so that air circulates around them. They should stay fresh for at least one week and up to two weeks.

To prep green garlic:

To prep green garlic, treat it like a small leek. Trim off the very bottom part (the bulb with roots) and then use the tender white and light green parts as you wish.

To use green garlic:

Substitute green garlic in recipes for onions, scallions or leeks. This includes enjoying them sautéed with other vegetables, added to soups, fresh on top of frittata (or baked inside), in pesto, or minced and added to homemade salad dressing.

To freeze green garlic:

Green garlic can be chopped and flash frozen in Ziploc bags. For an extra burst of flavor, roast it prior to freezing.

Heads of garlic

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