Green Onions

To store green onions:

Chop off the top inch of the tender green tips and stand the scallions in an inch of water in a tall container covered loosely with a Ziploc bag, refreshing the water every 3 days.

To prep green onions:

Remove roots. Chop the leaves and stem before cooking.

Green onions in bunches

To use green onions:

You can eat the entire scallion. Rinse scallions in cold water and snip off anything that’s floppy. Use chopped scallions as a garnish; they are less pungent. The minced greens of scallions are a good substitute for chives. Use them in stir-fry. Use scallions in almost any recipe calling for onions, raw or cooked. They are excellent in soups and stew.

To freeze green onions:

Chop into desired size and place on cookie sheet and freeze. Then pop into a Ziploc bag and store in the freezer. You can even freeze the green tops!

Green onions chopped in bowl
Heads of garlic

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